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Keith Keating

Having spent my childhood on Powers Lake and returning for annual vacations in the area, my wife and I moved from Chicago to Powers Lake in 2009 to raise our 4 children. We are proud to call Southeastern Wisconsin "Home". Because of my long standing ties to these lakes-linked communities, I have many valuable connections and local recommendations that can save you time and money. What's more, I've worked real estate from both sides of the fence, having been the president of Chicago-based Keating Development Group, where for years I was responsible for building, selling and marketing new homes and developing raw land. So I know what to look for when it comes to important things like construction quality, topography and land planning.

Natalie Bell

As a seasoned Realtor in Southeastern Wisconsin, I take pride in providing my clients with the best overall real estate experience, whether they are looking to buy or sell a home. My knowledge of the market, my enthusiasm for real estate and my perseverance to get the job done are just a few of the traits that my clients have come to appreciate. I provide clients with information detailing current market conditions, financing options and negotiating issues that might apply to a given situation. During the time I am working for you, I will keep you updated and will alert you to each step in the transaction process.

Buying and selling real estate is a complex matter. But a basic rule in real estate is that all properties are unique. No two properties even two identical models on the same street are precisely and exactly alike. Homes differ and so do contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements and closing costs. Also, no two transactions are alike. In this maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with a professional such as myself, who knows the community and much more.

Michael Calkins

Buying my first home when I was 24 ignited my interest in the real estate business. After working in the fields of finance and customer service with a credit union, I realized it was time to take that 'in-house' knowledge and connect directly with clients through the entire buying/selling process.

For most, the purchase or sale of a home is the biggest financial decision we may experience - so it is important to be guided by someone who understands the process from all sides and will be your constant advocate. I will be that agent for you. Knowing that I helped match individuals and families with the right properties and communities that best suit their needs is very exciting - especially in an area that I've called home for so long and truly love.

Jordan Epping

As a native of Kenosha County, I was raised in the Brighton/Wheatland area by a family with deep multi-generational ties to the Southeastern Wisconsin communities. We are lucky to live in a region that offers plentiful lakes, golf courses, snow & water sports, rural living, easy access to two major cities - not to mention a commitment to business & manufacturing that is growing substantially. Having a keen understanding of the changes and growth our communities are experiencing is key to providing quality representation to you as a buyer or seller and negotiating the best deal possible. As your agent, I will guide you through the contractual and financial details and keep you updated on our changing market.

I pride myself on a reputation of honesty, reliability, and strong communication and negotiation skills and I know that my hard-working attitude and dedication to the details will be a benefit for your next real estate transaction.

Stu Iselin

I have spent 42 years in and around the lakes of Southeastern Wisconsin. I have logged more time in the water and on the shorelines than most fish. Working and living in Powers Lake has given me a respect not only for the life associated with lake living but also the people who truly enjoy what it has to offer.

Since 1987 I have owned and operated my own pier business, Stu's Pier Service, in the Southeastern Wisconsin area servicing more than 8 lakes and numerous homes. This has provided me with a unique perspective on the individual lake features and lifestyles in the area.

I started RE in Chicago in 2005, and then got my WI license in 2009. I am a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors as well as the National association of Realtors. In 2008 I was a Top Producer in the Chicago Association of Realtors. I have worked extensively with the Leukemia and lymphona society and participated in 3 Team in Training events while raising money to help find a cure.

The lakes are a major part of my life and growing up with them was irreplaceable. I always joke with my friends from the city who grew up going to camp for a couple weeks every summer that I got to experience camp every day of the year. It really gives you a different appreciation for Wisconsin and just how fantastic it can be.

Jill Meinken

Having lived in four different states, it was Southeastern Wisconsin that I decided to call home 18 years ago and it has proven to be the perfect place to raise my three (now teenage!) children.

Prior to joining Keating Real Estate I worked in banking and mortgage administration, but more dear to my heart, I've spent a lot of time teaching and tutoring children in the area. The strong ties I've made with these families reaffirmed my love for the communities of Southeastern Wisconsin and I'm excited to share that enthusiasm with my clients.

Seeing details from multiple views and understanding that no two transactions are the same, I want to be the agent you can rely on to listen to your needs and guide you through the process - I'll work tirelessly to make the buying & selling process as stress free as possible for you! I am exremely excited to share my knowledge & love for the area & look forward to helping you make Southeastern Wisconsin your home!